Pillar Award

History of the Firm

Michael Silver (1913-1976) founded his firm in 1944 and rapidly earned a reputation for providing unsurpassed accounting and tax services to his prestigious clientele. The firm’s success was the direct result of his commitment to four core principles: dedication to clients, guidance in tax and business opportunities, expertise in the application of accounting principles, and a commitment to service with integrity.

Today, 75 years later, Silver’s high standards and principles continue to guide us as we operate under the leadership of Larry Isaacson and Jennifer A. Barliant.

Historically, MichaelSilver has attracted a variety of highly talented, professional staff, many of whom have been with the firm for over 25 years. “Our teams are committed to providing high-quality service to our client base, which includes small- and medium-sized private/closely-held companies, entrepreneurial individuals and companies, high net worth individuals, their families, and their related partnerships and trusts – each with their own unique financial needs,” says Larry Isaacson, Managing Partner for MichaelSilver.

A Reputation for Client Service

As MichaelSilver’s reputation for providing outstanding client service has grown through the years, so has its scope. The firm has expanded into other industries and service areas. What remains constant is our continued focus on building life-long business and personal relationships with clients and their businesses, employees, families, and other key stakeholders.

“MichaelSilver teams make understanding and appreciating the unique needs of our clients a key priority,” says Jennifer A. Barliant, Managing Partner for MichaelSilver. “We truly strive to exceed all clients’ expectations. Our service philosophy is deeply rooted in ensuring complete satisfaction, treating client businesses as our business and ensuring their financial well-being,” says Barliant.