Estate, Gift, and Trust Services

At MichaelSilver, we understand that protecting your financial legacy is imperative to providing security for your loved ones. Our experienced Estate, Gift, and Trust Services team works directly with clients, attorneys, and their individual executors or trustees to prepare estate and trust filings and to establish effective plans for the orderly transfer of your assets. Our services include:

  • Estate Planning and Administration
  • Trust Planning and Administration
  • Estate Returns
  • Gift Tax Returns
  • Trust Returns

Our goal is to help clients achieve the most advantageous future financial position for themselves and their loved ones. Whether you are long-established or just beginning, our team will work closely with you to help identify your goals. The next step will be to collaborate with your attorney and other trusted financial advisors to ensure that all the tools are in place to achieve these goals. This may include:

  • Review of Existing Wills and Trusts
  • Develop Lifetime Gifting Programs
  • Assessing Generation-Skipping Transfers
  • Evaluating Charitable Gifting Options and Techniques
  • Assessing Retirement Strategies
  • Determining Distribution Plans for IRAs, 401(k) and Qualified Plans
  • Planning for Creditor Protection
  • Planning for Business Succession
  • Prenuptial Planning


To discuss your unique circumstances, please contact MichaelSilver’s Estate, Gift and Trust Services Group leader, Laurie Kaplan, CPA, Partner, at 847-982-0333 or contact us.