Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions


Attaining Your New Future State

There are many strategies for expanding your business. Acquisition of another company can be one of the fastest and most successful paths to take, if properly managed.

MichaelSilver has consulted with many clients to expand their businesses through acquisition. Our professionals have broad expertise in identifying merger, acquisition, and joint venture candidates that will provide an appropriate financial return. We can assist with negotiating and integrating companies into your organization. We know how to avoid many of the unforeseen pitfalls of the process. Once the acquisition is complete, we can help maximize the value you’ve received and your tax advantages.

Selling Your Business

We can provide assurance that the purchase or sale of another business entity is aligned with your company goals.

When it comes time to reap the rewards achieved from building a successful business, MichaelSilver can advise on how to prepare your business for sale and assist with the negotiations to achieve maximum return on investment. We can structure the purchase or sale agreement to optimize tax implications and benefits. Optimizing the tax structure is an important component to both the acquisition and disposition process.

…invaluable to contributing to our company’s profitable growth.

“The Firm’s expertise in mergers and acquisitions strategic planning, as well as the design of our compensation plans, has been invaluable to contributing to our company’s profitable growth. Their expertise and consulting led to the successful sale of our company to Coldwell Banker.”

David Robbin, Owner/CEO
Kahn Realty



Henrik C. Wiberg

Director and Chief Administrative Officer

Judy Mason

Judy Mason

CPA, CVA, CEPA, Partner

Joseph P. Roznai

Joseph P. Roznai

CPA, CGMA, Partner

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