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Internship Program

The goal of MichaelSilver’s Internship Program is to provide real world experiences to talented accounting students. It is uniquely designed so students have the flexibility of working part-time, while attending class and graduating on time.

Our size and structure allow for a distinct alternative to the larger accounting firms. Our interns receive the same training and real, hands-on assignments as entry-level, full-time staff, and have opportunities to work on client assignments with our accountants and partners.

After graduation, many of our interns successfully transition into full-time employees of MichaelSilver.

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“My internship at MichaelSilver provided me with meaningful experience, and the flexibility to complete my undergraduate and graduate degrees. From the start, my role mirrored that of a full-time staff employee. I was responsible for completing a variety of relevant assignments while receiving great training and individualized coaching. MichaelSilver helped prepare me for the full-time positon I hold here today.”

Marco Loza