Feed My Starving Children

Jan 18, 2019

On January 17, 2019, MichaelSilver’s crew happily met at the Feed My Starving Children location (https://www.fmsc.org/) in Schaumburg to volunteer their time to help pack food. The group included:

Harry Steindler
Brenda Herrara
Priti Purohit
Sharon Muller
Madel Hernandez
Jennifer Birmingham
Mary Juns
Justin Sopanarat
Dominika Ferek
Jennifer Barliant
Paula Gooch
Katy Giesecke
Kate Russell
Steve Stehman
Yangfan Mo
Rick Godek
Stephen Young
John Hsiao
Jerry Murdick
Janell Wilson
Joe Roznai

The group packed 120 boxes equaling 25,920 Meals, which will feed 71 children for one year.