Unsurpassed Accounting and Tax Services Since 1944

Founded in 1944 by Michael Silver (1913-1976), the Firm and its partners throughout the years have embraced the beliefs of providing unsurpassed accounting and tax services, being our clients’ trusted advisors, and helping our clients reach their goals for their companies and their families. The Firm and its clients have thrived and grown into premier companies today because of the consultative approach that has been a cornerstone of the Firm’s service model since the beginning.

Now, more than 80 years later, the high standards and principles ingrained in the Firm’s legacy continue to guide us as we operate under the leadership of Larry Isaacson and Jennifer A. Barliant.

We strive to understand the needs of each client and their family…

The MichaelSilver team is committed to providing the highest quality service to each of our clients with their unique financial needs helping them grow at both the company and personal levels. We strive to understand the needs of each client and their family. We are more than just accountants for our clients. We are their trusted financial advisors.

-Larry Isaacson, Managing Partner


than just accountants…