Solutions Tailored to Your Business


MichaelSilver serves a broad range of retail clients. In addition to our traditional tax and accounting services, such as compilations, reviews, audits, and tax return preparation, we also provide consulting services tailored to address issues unique to the retail industry. Our vast experience and understanding of retail businesses put us in a unique position to help you and your company succeed.  We can address:


  • Inventory Issues
  • Cash Management
  • Financing
  • Profitability Analysis of Individual Product Lines
  • Payroll and Employee Benefit Issues
  • Proper Tax Reporting of Gift Certificates
  • Sales and Use Tax, Including Managing Tax Audits
  • Optimization of Accounting Income While Minimizing Tax Burden
  • Consulting on Issues Such as:
    – Assistance with Banking Relationships
    – Personnel and Human Resource Matters
    – Lease Negotiations
    – Organization Structure
    – Boards of Advisors
    – Marketing Strategies

We provide consulting services tailored
to address your unique business.

Joseph P. Roznai

Joseph P. Roznai

CPA, CGMA, Partner

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