Tax Compliance

The MichaelSilver Tax Compliance team has the expertise needed to address a broad variety of common tax compliance challenges associated with government tax requirements for individuals and businesses.


Our team of tax professionals can assist individuals by properly preparing and filing federal and state income tax returns, which includes such tax issues as returns related to a child’s or grandchild’s trust, gifts made to family and/or friends, or owning assets in a foreign country.


Concentrate on your businesses while we handle your reporting requirements. Your focus should be on running your business, not spending time determining which income and payroll tax returns and reports need to be filed, how to prepare them, and when. Our team can effectively manage the many tax compliance/reporting requirements, so you can concentrate on other important matters, such as the success and profitability of your business, and avoid what can be significant penalties for not filing or late filings.

Returns and Reports

  • Income Tax Returns
    • Federal and State Income Tax Returns, for Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, and Trusts
    • Documents for Making Special Tax Related Elections
    • Special Reports for Owning Assets in Foreign Countries and/or Doing Business Outside the U.S.
  • Payroll Tax Reports
    • Federal and State Returns to Report Taxes Withheld from Employees’ Wages and the Employer’s Matching Share
    • Federal and State Unemployment Tax Returns
    • Employee W-2s 
    • 1099s for Payments to Independent Service Providers, Interest Paid on Loans to Individuals, Rent Payments, and Dividend Payments
  • Sales Tax Returns
    • Returns for State and Municipalities
    • Federal Excise Tax Returns
    • Use Tax Returns
    • Reports for Cash Transactions of $10,000 or Greater
    • Separate Returns for the Sale of Titled Property (e.g., Automobiles, Trucks, Planes, Boats)
    • Bulk Sales Reports
  • Other Reports and Returns
    • Annual Report to the Secretary of State
    • Retirement Plan Reporting
    • Not-for-Profit Organization Filings
    • Reporting for Foreign Bank Deposits and Investment Accounts
    • Unclaimed Property
    • Estate and Gift Return
    • Business Census Reports


For more information about how MichaelSilver can help with your tax compliance needs, please call 847-982-0333 or contact us.

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