Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Companies

Helping to Achieve Your Fullest Potential 

MichaelSilver has served the needs of privately-held vehicle and equipment leasing companies since the Firm was founded in 1944. During this period, leasing businesses have relied on MichaelSilver’s experts as their trusted advisors to help them take advantage of the many tax and accounting benefits to maintain competitive and to achieve their fullest potential. Our leasing clients rely on us to not only provide high quality tax compliance/consulting and accounting and assurance services, but also other specific services that help them realize their short and long-term financial goals. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Annual and Long-Term Planning for Leasing Companies and Owners
  • Business Structure Consultation
  • Choosing the Most Beneficial Accelerated Depreciation Methods for Your Leased Assets
  • Federal, State, Municipal Income, Sales, and Other Tax Audits Representation
  • Due Diligence, Consulting and Other Assistance in Leasing Company Purchases and Sales
  • Proactive Advice Regarding Tax Law Changes
  • Succession Planning
  • Estate, Gift, and Trust Planning for Owners and Families
  • Business Valuation and Litigation Support


Our financial statements help optimize the
opportunity for competitive rate financing.

Philip Kent

Philip J. Kent

CPA, Partner

Joseph P. Roznai

Joseph P. Roznai

CPA, CGMA, Partner

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Compensation and Motivation

Compensation is defined in two basic ways.
1. Making up for someone’s loss or damage by giving the injured party an appropriate benefit. Examples include: payment of a workman’s compensation claim, or giving a raise to an employee to offset the negative feelings from being passed over for promotion.
2. Rewarding someone for services such as wages and benefits paid to an employee.

This article primarily addresses the second meaning.

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