Private Client Services

Unique Approach

The MichaelSilver Private Client Services team is dedicated to providing personalized attention ranging from basic accounting to concierge to complex wealth management services. We work closely with clients to identify their unique needs and outline an innovative approach that provides the most appropriate level of guidance. We execute clients’ specific plans in close collaboration with attorneys, bankers, investment advisors, and other professionals to help ensure that every aspect of their goals is addressed and achieved. We strive to make clients’ lives easier by providing trusted, comprehensive, and individualized service designed to efficiently meet personal goals and objectives.

We Make Your Life Easier by Providing Comprehensive and Individualized Service

Activities performed by our Private Client Services team:

Here to Serve

Turn your focus to your passions and utilize MichaelSilver to manage your current needs and future growth.


To discuss your unique circumstances, please contact MichaelSilver’s Private Client Services Group leader, Janell Wilson CPA, Partner, at 847-982-0333 or contact us.