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Even a casual observation of the “comings & goings” of both local and trendy neighborhood restaurants proves that this industry is one of the riskiest to enter and remain successful.

MichaelSilver restauratuer clients face a complete spectrum of business challenges.  These challenges include marketing; production and cost control; management of spoilage and pilferage; preventing embezzlement; and ensuring customer satisfaction, all of which can make it difficult to run a profitable establishment.

The MichaelSilver Hospitality and Restaurant team has years of experience consulting on a broad range of these specific issues. Our team of professionals provides a full menu of accounting and assurance, tax, and consulting services to restaurant and beverage establishments, to position them for success. Services include:


  • Pre-acquisition/Start-up Consulting
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Volume and Profit Analysis
  • Inventory/Cost/Employee Theft Controls
  • FICA Tip Credit Optimization
  • Tip Reporting Compliance
  • Management Profitability/Gross Margin Analyses
  • Restaurant/Liquor Industry State and Local Sales and Amusement Tax Reporting
  • Employee Benefits, Requirements, and Planning
  • Financial Reporting for Third Parties
  • Income Tax Compliance

We help our clients position themselves for success in
this extremely competitive industry.

Joseph P. Roznai

Joseph P. Roznai

CPA, CGMA, Partner

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Compensation and Motivation

Compensation is defined in two basic ways.
1. Making up for someone’s loss or damage by giving the injured party an appropriate benefit. Examples include: payment of a workman’s compensation claim, or giving a raise to an employee to offset the negative feelings from being passed over for promotion.
2. Rewarding someone for services such as wages and benefits paid to an employee.

This article primarily addresses the second meaning.

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