MichaelSilver Supports WTTW

Jun 25, 2019

A group of MichaelSilver volunteers spent the evening on June 10th taking calls to help WTTW in its fundraising efforts.

“Having people, willing to give up their time to come in and help, is so incredibly important and we truly value our volunteers who make that commitment to us,” said Kyla Singleton, Coordinator, On-Air Fundraising at WTTW. “Also, it was so much fun having you all there.”

MichaelSilver volunteers included:

Jennifer A. Barliant
Shelley Casey
Larry Isaacson
Mary Juns
Marco Loza
Ryan Lubinski
Kristy McElroy
Priti Purohit
Kate Russell
Harry Steindler
Brittany Wojcik