Quinn Harris, CPA, joined MichaelSilver as a Partner in the Tax Department in 2024, bringing with him over 15 years of experience in high-level tax advisory and compliance roles within leading accounting firms. His professional journey reflects a commitment to excellence and a remarkable ability to navigate and lead through the complexities of tax regulations and business challenges, particularly in the dynamic fields of real estate and private equity.

Throughout his career, Quinn has played a pivotal role in directing tax strategy and compliance, spearheading initiatives to integrate tax advisory services with corporate goals. His efforts have not only enhanced financial transparency and compliance but has also supported strategic financial planning and investment decisions for high-stakes partnerships.

Quinn is widely recognized for his aptitude in communicating complex tax issues clearly to diverse stakeholders and for his strong leadership in mentoring tax professionals. His strategic acumen and project management skills ensure the successful delivery of comprehensive tax solutions that align with broader organizational objectives.

His expertise spans ASC 740, cross-border taxation for multinational corporations, and particularly complex partnership allocations. Quinn has excelled in driving strategic growth and managing U.S. tax compliance for businesses expanding into international markets, ensuring meticulous adherence to complex international tax laws and bilateral agreements. His profound understanding of U.S.-Italy tax implications has been instrumental in enhancing cross-border advisory services, positioning him as a leading advisor in the field.

Jennifer A. Barliant

Quinn Harris, CPA


How he spends his time here


Expertise Industries Membership
  • Tax Compliance, Tax Consulting and Advisory Services
  • International Income Tax
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity
  • Illinois CPA Society
  • NABA


How he got here

Master of Science in Taxation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting, Iowa State University of Science and Technology

How he approaches his work

“In addressing the needs of clients, I pride myself on finding creative and forward-thinking, solutions. I listen carefully and look at challenges and issues from different perspectives. I am then able to provide sound, innovative solutions to very complex situations.”


“I enjoy computer programming.”

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